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Unworking the Ritual

Level : 50

Zone : Meridian

Start : Anthousa Mona

End : Anthousa Mona

Money : No value

XP : 6720

Unworking the Ritual

Gather the necessary items to break the link between Akylios and the Faceless Man.


On our island, I would have constructed the necessary focus with a powerful deposit from the Sourcewell. A powerful piece of Air sourcestone should be a good substitute. Search the most powerful Air rifts for one. I will also need the help of a powerful spirit of Water. Though this land does not have as many as Kelari, Lake of Solace is inhabited by one such: Ilchorin. I do not know where in the Lake he is. You will have to find him.

Upon completion

With Ilchorin's power, I can create a focus powerful enough to purge the connection to Akylios.