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Foiled Plans

Level : 46

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Kasia Phelorn

End : Jabarik

Choose one of these rewards :
 Linked Informer's Spaulders
 Emissary's Shoulderpads
 Blackened Shoulderguards
 Prison Guard's Pauldrons

Notoriety :
+80 Dragonslayer Covenant

Money : 27 5

XP : 4500

Foiled Plans

Speak with Hazeed's Enforcer while disguised to enter the secret chamber in The Flatyard, then destroy the Rift Machine and defeat Hazeed. Once done, report to Jabarik in Fortune's Shore.
  • Destroy Hazeed's Rift Machine
  • Defeat Hazeed


Why didn't we see this? Hazeed has been leading the Golden Maw cult from within the prison walls. He intends to open an earth rift right in the center of The Flatyard in order to locate Laethys. I figured Hazeed's claims to royalty were idle boasts, but this sort of ambition could only come from an Ethian prince. Return to Hazeed's chamber, while disguised, of course, and end this insanity.

Upon completion

It would appear that the Golden Maw nearly got the best of us. You are a hero of my people this day, [%NAME]; however, I am troubled that Hazeed was able to escape. We will have our patrols keep an eye and ear open for any sign of him. Meanwhile, I will work with Kasia and the others to re-establish order in The Flatyard.