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Salves for Scotty

Level : 10

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Endral Rollen

End : Endral Rollen
Choose one of these rewards :
 Grieveblossom Petals
 Rotting Canine
 Coastal Glory

Money : No value

XP : 420

Salves for Scotty

Use the laboratory in Argent Glade to craft Lesser Healing Potions for Endral Rollen.


That poor Scotty is always coming by looking for potions to treat his injuries. You seem like a caring soul, [%NAME]. How about you make a few Lesser Healing Potions for me so we have something for him when he comes limping over here again?

Upon completion

Thanks, [%NAME]! With these Lesser Healing Potions, we should be able to keep Scotty in tip top shape.