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An Old Friend

Level : 36

Zone : Gloamwood

Start : Waykeeper Freyn

End : Garret Portsmith

Money : 6 96

XP : 1200

An Old Friend

Waykeeper Freyn wants you to find his friend Garret Portsmith at Three Springs to the east and see if he could use some assistance.


On your way to Moonshade Highlands? I've heard that the Highlands have been set upon by the Abyssal cult. An old dwarven friend of mine named Garret Portsmith lives in Three Springs. I was wondering if you could check on him for me.

Upon completion

Freyn sent you? He always was a good man. I'm glad to hear that he is still among the living. As for me, it will take more than planar invasions and cultist plots to chase me out.