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Savior of Gloamwood

Level : 26

Zone : Gloamwood

Start : Furtho Dragomir

End : Furtho Dragomir


Savior of Gloamwood

Furtho Dragomir wants you to use the Gloam Bell at his manor's balcony, on top of the Barrel Vault, to start the award ceremony.


Your heroic deeds deserve praise, [%NAME]. Please take this Gloam Bell and ring it from my balcony here on top of the Barrel Vault tree. Let the citizens of Gloamwood Pines know that their curse has been lifted and that you are to thank.

Upon completion

With the Hag defeated and the curse lifted, we can finally start rebuilding our lives here in Gloamwood. But I have no doubt that there will be those who seek to exploit our wood now that the threat of the Hag is no more. I could certainly use someone like you on my council in the days to come.