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The Fang of Regulos

Level : 15

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Marshal Keme

End : Marshal Keme

Notoriety :
+250 Caretakers

Money : 5 25

XP : 2280

The Fang of Regulos

Travel to the Black Garden and pick up the Fang of Regulos.
  • Capture the Fang of Regulos


We Caretakers are an ancient order devoted to imprisoning a relic of the Destroyer. For centuries the Fang of Regulos was imprisoned in the Black Garden to keep it from those that would destroy Telara. We can no longer rely upon secrecy. We must take control of this relic of evil. Though touching such a thing is death. Only an Ascended such as you has any hope of grasping hold of such a relic. Go now to the Black Garden and do so.

Upon completion

I sense the mark of the Destroyer upon you. You see now the terrible burden of the Caretakers. As an Ascended you are protected by the grace of the Vigil against death, you are our only hope to keep this evil out of the clutches of the heathen Defiants.