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A New Era for the Abyssal

Level : 50

Zone : Abyssal Precipice

Start : Faceless Man
Faceless Man

End : Faceless Man

Money : 42

XP : 0

A New Era for the Abyssal

Search Abyssal Precipice for clues as to what they are doing now that Akylios has been slain.


Ah, [%NAME]. It is very interesting to see you here. Do you share my same curiosity? Akylios is slain, but I do not believe my brothers and sisters of the deep cabals will simply slither back into the holes they came from. There is some new plan brewing in these hills. I must find out what it is. Understand that if you help me seek out this knowledge, you are going against the orders of General Catari. The Abyssal are no longer our main priority, as Akylios is no longer a threat. I, however, cannot ignore them. This investigation must remain within the Unseen. Do you understand?

Upon completion

Hmm. A meeting of the Tidelords? That is very peculiar. The cabals act more or less independently. They meet only under very rare and important circumstances. I have only met them all once before, and that was when they initiated me into their number. This cannot be good.