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Death for the Dead

Level : 28

Zone : Scarlet Gorge

Choose one of these rewards :
 Auspicious Buckle
 Warded Belt
 Sanguine Cinch
 Vigilant Girdle

Money : 11 18

XP : 2880

Death for the Dead

[%Questgiver] has asked you to go to the Demon Steps south of Riverfell and destroy Endless Court undead. Report to [%Questcompleter] at Crimson Wash when you are done.
  • Kill Endless Court Undead


The Endless Court is intent upon shattering the Ward that holds Regulos at bay, [%NAME]. This must not be allowed to happen. We must slow their mining and military operations as best we can. Given our resources at this point, guerrilla tactics will work best.

Upon completion

I heard from [%Questgiver] about how you slaughtered the undead in Demon Steps. This will certainly hinder the efforts of the Endless Court. In time, our precision strikes will completely dismantle their mining operations here in Scarlet Gorge.