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Destroy the Machineborn

Level : 1

End : Cardinal Radkevyev

Repeatable : Weekly (Weekly)
Money : No value

XP : 450

Destroy the Machineborn

[%GUILD_NAME] has been asked to kill Defiants of at least level fifty.
  • Kill Players who grant favor


Since the miracle of Ascension, the Defiants have looked upon us with jealousy for the power of the gods that was denied them. That they were able to cobble together such power at the end of time and return back here to disrupt the path that the Vigil has laid out for us is deeply troubling. The machineborn must be destroyed, spread the word to all of [%GUILD_NAME], death to the Defiants!

Upon completion

The Curia thanks [%GUILD_NAME] for their righteous crusade. With the most powerful of the machineborn killed, they cannot bring Telara closer to destruction.