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Diminishing Returns

Level : 10

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Unknown

End : Brendnall
 Otherworldly Sourcestone

Money : No value

XP : 1260

Diminishing Returns

Return this piece of shadestone to Brendnall in Sanctum.


A remnant from one of the outer planes, it appears to be some kind of shadestone. This curious sample seems to be slowly disintegrating. Return it to Brendnall. Perhaps she will understand why this would be.

Upon completion

This piece of shadestone represents a serious problem! It appears to be a Evanescing Shadestone, a form of shadestone found in the River of Souls. But this is strange, it looks to be losing its power. Whatever is happening, this could be very bad for all Telara. I fear that if more of our once-defeated enemies are resurrected from the River of Souls, we could be facing a total destabilization of the Ward.