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Stone Temple of Earth

Level : 44

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Jubileth Pybbelin

End : Jubileth Pybbelin

Money : 24 95

XP : 4320

Stone Temple of Earth

Jubileth Pybbelin wants you to collect Tablet Fragments from Gildstone Sanctum.


I was excited to come here and study the Gildstone Sanctum, an ancient temple to the earth dragon, Laethys, but I should have known it would be crawling with Golden Maw cultists. I'm no good with a blade, but perhaps you could do the field research for me? Fight your way through Gildstone Sanctum and recover as many Tablet Fragments as you can.

Upon completion

How interesting! Many of these markings are warnings and declarations of the earth dragon's power! Nachri will be so pleased! She is intent on studying this temple that is so sacred to the dragon cultists.