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A Bloom in Desolation

Level : 39

Zone : Droughtlands

Start : Jillian Rale

End : Jillian Rale

Notoriety :
+300 Arcane Hand

Money : 20 7

XP : 3870

A Bloom in Desolation

Jillian Rale at Lantern Hook wants you to collect Grimmit Blooms in the Jagged Fringe.


Purging the infected corpses of the scarab infestation depleted my supply of Grimmit Blooms, a key ingredient I use to fill the Blessed Decanter. It grows in areas far too dangerous for me to traverse. I need more to protect against future scarab plagues.

Upon completion

These Grimmit Blooms will do nicely, [%Name]. Unless something is done about the Stormbrood, there's nothing to stop them from infecting corpses with scarabs again. Thankfully, these Grimmit Blooms will allow us to avert the next infestation.