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Legacy of the Grove

Level : 30

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Alio Romea

End : Alio Romea

Notoriety :
+200 Iron Claw Trappers

Money : 8 40

XP : 2040

Legacy of the Grove

Alio Romea would like you to visit the Monument to Carwin Mathos in Stone Grove.
  • Examine the Monument to Carwin Mathos


This grove is home to Tavril's shrine, part of the ring of shrines protecting all of Scarwood. It would be disastrous if they were destroyed. In the past, heroes like Carwin Mathos protected the grove, so we built a monument to honor him. You should pay a visit, Ascended.

Upon completion

As in Carwin's time, the grove and all the rest of Scarwood is under assault again. Will you rise to the challenge as he did?