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Top Shelf Retrieval

Level : 16

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Unknown

End : Barkeep Davek Anders
Choose one of these rewards :
 Cleaver of Vengeance
 Blessed Hammer
 Wicked Truncheon
 Black Eye Staff

Notoriety :
+500 Quicksilver Scholars

Money : 4 37

XP : 1800

Top Shelf Retrieval

Retrieve stolen bottles of Galena Wine from satyrs in Untamed Copse, just northeast of Argent Glade.


This empty crate is labeled as Galena Wine. A horde of satyrs from Untamed Copse must have stormed the tavern and stole every single bottle. Such brazen disrespect for fine wine!

Upon completion

You have my Galena Wine? Well some of it anyway - it seems those damned satyrs drank about half of my inventory, but at least I got a few bottles back. Well, since it's now a rare commodity, I suppose I can charge twice as much!