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Trouble in the Firesand

Level : 50

End : Cardinal Esthousen

Repeatable : Weekly (Weekly)
Money : No value

XP : 5040

Trouble in the Firesand

The members of [%GUILD_NAME] have been asked to assist the Dragonslayer Covenant in clearing out the Firesand region of Shimmersand.
  • Kill monsters in the Firesand


The Dragonslayer Covenant has searched the trackless wastes of Shimmersand, combating the dragon cults for centuries. They are allies to our cause and we should support their efforts. Tell the other members of [%GUILD_NAME] to aid the Dragonslayers in battle against the cultists and monsters in the Firesand Desert.

Upon completion

I have received word that your efforts with the Dragonslayer Covenant have been successful. Tell the members of [%GUILD_NAME] that we are grateful for their efforts.