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It has been almost a month since the unveiling of Trion World’s next expansion for RIFT. RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide was announced and the buzzing of excitement has been going since then. During the week that Bill Fisher, executive producer on RIFT, made the announcement so began the interviews with various websites. And with Trion having a “Community Day”, which gathered some of the most dedicated players in RIFT and gave them a chance to try the new expansion, I decided to compile all the information available in one short summary.

So what do we know about Nightmare Tide so far? Let’s dig in.



  • Nightmare Tide will consist of three new zones: Tarken Glacier, Draum Heim, and Goboro Reff and will have multiple layers.
  • A total of 10% of the core content is underwater.
  • They are going to make environments that make you feel like you’re underwater but you’re actually on dry land.
  • The Song of Dreams mini-saga was a great way for Trion to experiment to see what players actually wanted and what they could get away with for water based content.
  • The zone Tarken Glacier was heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and is seen having tentacles everywhere.
  • There will be a greater variety of world bosses instead of one Volan-like encounter.
  • They have also increased the amount of story quests, as well as having discoverable quests along the way to bring more to the story.


Nightmare Rifts

  • These will be essentially Hunt Rifts for 3.0. There will be Nightmare Rifts I to VII.
  • Nightmare Rifts will be very thematic and look highly disturbing with a massive eyeball in the center of the Rift with hands and body parts all over the place.
  • They will scale to how many players are partaking in the Nightmare Rift and will feel like they never end (quick spawns of massive amounts of mobs, basically).
  • Not only are they thinking about making instances like a solo challenge mode but the Nightmare Rifts will be known to spawn in low level areas as well.

rift 3.0 what we know 1

Mentoring System – Mentor Up, Instead of Down

  • This is a new mentoring system being brought in with 3.0 and it will allow players to participate in higher-level dungeons, possibly even raids. It was said that it will not be available through the Looking For Group window but through manually joining a group.
  • There are of course some limitations. You won’t be able to equip gear of a higher level than your real level. You will not be able to pick up quests that require a higher level then your real level. You will get all passives in your soul trees up to the mentored level, but will not get the higher level abilities. Finally, you’ll need to be at least level 10 to mentor up.
  • As for loot, it remains unclear but is assumed that you will receive level-appropriate gear for your real, un-mentored level just as you would when you mentor down.


Raid Zone – Instant Adventures

  • This is a feature that will come shortly after 3.0. Trion is looking into turning raid zones like Hammerknell Fortress and possibly Infernal Dawn into an Instant Adventure Zone. This could possibly be a mirror to the Looking for Raid system Blizzard implemented in World of Warcraft.
  • It has not been mentioned or discussed on whether you could actually fight any of the bosses in these adventures.
  • The idea for the Raid Zone IAs and the idea for the mentoring system both came from a Trion developer. Tacitus had been pushing this idea for about two plus years.


Minion System

  • Everything you kill in RIFT will give you a chance at a Minion card. You will also be able to obtain these from performing certain tasks or completing certain quest lines.
  • The minions will come with a fixed set of stats but will level up normally like you would. In order to level them, you use the minions to complete tasks in the Minions Interface.
  • Minions will not be character-bound, but account-bound instead.

rift 3.0 what we know 2

Improving PvP

  • Trion is working on fixing the gear gap that currently exists. They want to provide more progression and less normalization but also close the gap that already exists.
  • The gear changes will be universal, so they will apply to open world PvP and possibly even warfronts to bring down the barriers across the board.
  • These changes will also include a major improvement for PvP players to do PvE content in 3.0 much easier and faster.


PvE Gear Changes

  • Tank gear will still exist in 3.0, however, the stat Toughness will be removed. All tanks will simply require Hit instead and will still use Block and Deflect for the foreseeable future.
  • A new tank stat known as Guard is being introduced as well. Guard will affect all party members and allow players standing within a certain perimeter of the tank to receive some form of a positive benefit. While no information was given as to what this ability will do, it was said to be an aura and if there are two Guard stats on a piece of gear, the highest stat will be applied.

On top of these major changes, we will also be seeing some smaller changes happening. We will eventually see account-wide storage, and a couple of the old dungeons will be making their way back into 3.0. Trion is also working on adjusting the performance of the game.

It seems like Trion has learned from their mistakes in Storm Legion by spreading some locations out too thin which caused players to lose interest in leveling. They have also stated they are going to leave quest hubs in to introduce big story characters as well as let players discover new quests on their journey, but we can expect the leveling experience in general to be more compact this time around.

So when can we expect this expansion to release? While no official date has been stated, they have stated numerous times that it will most likely not be December. My personal guess is with Warlords of Draenor coming out in November, to keep the player base strong in RIFT, we will see the release in October. With all of this information on Nightmare Tide, how are you preparing to take on the evils that lurk ahead? Let us know in the comments below!

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We’re on the final wing of Hearthone’s Naxxramas, and unlike the previous wings, this one requires you to purchase the past 4 wings to unlock. While we have your usual help from Hearthhead up and running, I’ll once again add my 2 gold worth of experience and opinions after the cut.

This week’s card breakdown’s probably the easiest and most obvious. I want to get the big guy out of the way and start with Kel’Thuzad. While he’s big and beefy with an awesome power, the problem is that he simply costs too much. It’s a “win more” card, in that you can only really play it when you have an advantage. If you only have 1 card on the field, Kel’s nearly useless, especially with his high cost, allowing you to play very few cards in addition to him (depending on how much mana you have). If you play with a lot of taunt mobs, it might be ok, especially since Kel brings back all your minions from each turn. That gives you license to attack who ever and whatever with near reckless abandon, but also means Kel will be a magnet for removal spells. Good luck making a deck around him!

Echoing Ooze, on the other hand, is a great card all around. Not only does it combo well, but it’s low cost makes combos easy to execute. Bouncing it back to your hand can make things even more difficult for your opponent if you can combo it again later. Just remember that it can’t die during your turn or else it’ll just, well, not clone at all.

Shade of Naxxramas is interesting in that it’s like a small, weaker, but stealthy version of Gruul. It grows at a slower pace, and at the start of your turn, so it can be quite vulnerable, but that’s also a blessing. It’s potential for disaster grows each turn, so opponents may feel pressured to blow important cards to get rid of it sooner than they’d normally prefer. I can imagine it working well with both control decks and zoo, acting as a coup de grace for the slower moving control deck or as a as the muscle needed late game when the zoo deck’s running low on steam.

Paladins finally get their class card, Avenge, which obviously combos well with Noble Sacrifice. The obvious downside to this card needs a target to work, so mass removal cards or only having a single minion out make the card a bit weaker, but overall, +3/+2 for 1 mana is a pretty good deal, especially with the paladin’s hero power and divine shields.


So, after last week’s idea that Naxx is for people who like theme decks and normals are just so… well, everyone else can get free cards, I tried to go in with lower expectations. When I fought Sapphiron, I tried to ignore the idea that the ability was yet another example of a gimmick that really broke a lot of cards but was still pretty easy on normal mode, falling to my fairly standard, no epics hunter beast deck.

The Kel’Thuzad fight was interesting. When you break his armor, his hero power changes into an 8 mana mind control, he immediately ends your turns, and then summons two 3/3 minions with block. My usual priest deck beat him, but I felt like this fight was actually memorable. Unlike past bosses, KT interacts with you more, not just with taunts, but interacting with your message options and even your hero’s entrance lines (yes, I went into the fight with each hero to hear his unique greetings to them). The quips with the voice acting, the mechanics, and the feeling that there was a mid-way point in the battle made this feel more like “boss” rather than a gimmick fight. It took awhile for me to get this feeling, but I applaud Blizzard on this encounter and hope that, should they do more “raids,” they have encounters more like this (and perhaps make them multiplayer).

The class battle was at least decent training in making combos for new players, especially revolving around the Echoing Ooze we talked about before. In that way, this felt like one of the better class battles, but only for learning. I still think the hunter one was the most fun.

When it came to the heroics though… the Sapphiron battle was truly annoying. While before we got a card to protect some of our minions, the heroic version removes it, making you play a largely minion-less deck. More than any other encounter, this one felt not only gimmicky but lacking in any remote usefulness as a teaching tool for players. I was able to make a hunter deck that was able to beat him without any epics or higher though. I suggest trying for a bow and an egg in your opening hand, but from there, you’ll just have to be careful. Play aggressive, but smart. Don’t get overwhelmed by minions, but take advantage of your traps and deathrattles, saving the puppies for the late game when you have the mana for combos.


Kel’Thuzad on heroic was pretty much the same except beefier: the initial heroic power deals 1 damage more, he has 45 health/20 armor, the minions he summons when the armor breaks are 5/5s, and he has Twisting Nether. Honestly, the fight felt straight forward enough that I just made a few modification to my usual priest deck, which is already very cheap to make, and after a few tries, beat him. By now, you should know my usual combos (Power Word: ShieldInner FireDivine Spirit, and of course, Lightwell), where I buff something to holy hell and just ram the opponent. However, be careful to start the ramming sooner rather than later if possible. The deck stalls well and finishes cleanly if you attack soon enough, but the Twisting Nether and 8 mana mind control ability can really mess you up.

Sorry to say it, but I must admit this I didn’t get a lot of time with the arena this week, but from what I saw, the new cards had a surprisingly smaller impact than expected.  Undertaker and  Dark Cultist were fairly common in my experience, but easily dealt with. I saw a lot more priests this week, and rarely did I or anyone I play against have a chance to benefit from it’s deathrattle. Just the same, they added a sense of urgency to my usual war on minions, which I usually target anyway. Zombie Chow, oddly enough, appeared quite a few times, and rarely worked out for my opponent, who rarely played them at the start of the match. My ability to kill it actually won me enough health to get not one but two wins this week, so let that be a lesson to you: it is far too risky a card to pull in arena. Save it for drafted when you know you can have 2 and can set up your combos.

The End

This is the end of Naxx, but there’s more on the way for Hearthstone. We’ve learned that there won’t be any new classes in the foreseeable future as it’s been deemed too complicated, but there are a few things we know in the works. 2vs2 would be great, but obviously expansions are easier for the team to do, as are achievements. When more develops, you can be sure we’ll let you know, Junkies!

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We’re happy to announce that Junkies Nation is currently looking to add new writers to our awesome, tight-knit writing team. We’re looking for writers passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about console games, PC games, MMORPGs, MOBAs, and all things geeky. In particular, we’d love to have writers covering these specific areas:

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  • Comics

In addition, we’re always happy to have anyone on board who loves to write an in-depth editorial or two. There are plenty of gaming sites out there that cover the fluffy. We’re not here for fluffy. We’re here to dig deep, share our experiences, and say what needs to be said. Even if your specialty isn’t on the above list, feel free to contact us. We’d be more than happy to accommodate you.

You’d be free to write whenever you want as your schedule allows. Ideally we’re looking for writers who can contribute 2-3 times a week since we’d like to keep our team fairly small, but we’re here to work with you– not the other way around. Article ideas would be totally within your own control regarding specific games/topics, but we’d be here to lend a hand with full editorial support and idea support.

As far as payment is concerned, we will begin by offering an unpaid trial period that will extend into larger opportunities. More information will be disclosed privately.

To apply, tell us a bit about yourself, your areas of interest, and your experience writing. If you have any published writing samples online, share ‘em! Send any applications, questions, or concerns to Laura Hardgrave at

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In an ongoing effort to keep balance between classes in Guild Wars2, ArenaNet has posted some information on the upcoming class changes before they cover it more in detail on Friday at 12PM during the team’s live stream. Changes are scheduled take effect next month, so be sure to tune in and check out some of the new class features. Below are some of the changes highlighted for each class:


The elementalist’s cantrips are popular in all parts of the game, and in the interest of promoting build diversity, we’ll be using the feature pack as an opportunity to work on other types of utility skills. For example, the fire and air storms from the Glyph of Storms will now apply conditions of their own. In addition, we’ll rework some of the new grandmaster traits that currently don’t have enough of a payoff or are too difficult to use. Finally, we’ll be addressing the Tornado and Fiery Greatsword elite skills; we’ll make some usability improvements and tone down some of their unintended functionality.


In this balance pass, we’ve focused on giving some love to lesser-used kits and several non-kit utilities. With this update, you’ll see some changes to a few of your elixirs that will give them a bit more functionality, like Elixir R, which we’ve altered to also remove immobilized. Likewise, we’ve looked at a few of the gadgets and updated them to have a more defined purpose and a clear use.


With the guardian, our intent for this balance update is to improve some of the less popular utility skills and open up some build diversity in both support and offense. The active skills of some of the spirit weapons have been reworked to include more supportive functionality. One change we’re excited to tell you about is Spirit Bow’s command ability, which will now heal in a targeted area rather than just around the bow itself. We’ve also adjusted the guardian’s elite skills; the tomes have received considerable number changes and quality-of-life updates.


The mesmer has seen adjustments in a few areas. For this update, we’re looking at improving multiple traits, utility skills, weapon skills, and illusions. We’ve taken a look at some of the new grandmaster traits and improved upon their original implementation. We’ve altered the scepter a bit, pushing it more toward the condition role we would like it to have. In addition, you’ll see some awesome improvements to offensive mantras and a rework of the Mimic skill, which will now copy all boons on your target to yourself.


In this update, we’ll be adjusting how the warrior uses and loses adrenaline. We felt that the warrior maintained their adrenaline a little too well, in that there wasn’t a real consequence to missing with an adrenaline skill or simply keeping it from fight to fight. We’ll be adjusting adrenaline so that it’s lost if you miss with a burst ability as well as draining slowly when you exit combat. With these changes, however, we will be updating the greatsword’s adrenaline burst ability to be a cleaving, execution-style attack more fitting for the weapon. In addition to this, we’ll be updating multiple skills and traits, increasing and decreasing some adrenaline-gain abilities, and addressing multiple traits to have better effects.

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Even though we’ve just recovered from the end of ArcheAge‘s third closed beta event, the fourth beta event was announced yesterday. It’s right around the corner! It’ll begin at 10 AM PST on Friday, August 22 and run until 10 AM on Wednesday, August 27th. There can never be too much beta in a sandbox-y game like ArcheAge, right?

There will be no character wipes from the third beta event, so players will be able to continue their progress. As always, the limited closed invites from CBE 3 won’t be valid for CBE 4, but Trion posted a list of third party sites where keys for this test period can be found starting on the 20th. All Founders and Alpha testers, of course, still have access.

For more info, check out the official FAQ. Happy beta-ing!

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From SOE Live in Las Vegas on August 16th, Jeff Butler, Mike Mann, Darrin McPherson, and Terry Micheals held a panel about the extensive multiclassing system in EverQuest Next. They also talked about the game’s unique keyword feature which will be used in multiclassing and throughout all areas of the game, allowing players to easily customize their builds and itemization without losing the uniqueness of their character.

Below is a summary of the newest information revealed. The replay can also be seen here on Twitch.

  • Multiclassing, as we know, will be a big part of EQN. One of the ways the game allows this to be easily handled is the game’s keyword system that will be featured on all tooltips. Keywords are what tie different classes together via abilities but also give each character a unique theme. Some abilities will work best with abilities found in different classes. You’ll know which abilities work well in multiclassing by looking at the keywords.
  • Keywords are divided into two types: Origin and damage. Origin keywords are the power source for a given class. There are 6 total origin keywords: Martial (non magical, weapon users), Nature (plants, outdoors, weather), Divine (holy, unholy, good, evil), Psionic (mental, telepath, emphatic, telekinetic), Elemental (4 elements, primordial), and Arcane (intellectual, knowledge, and magical).
  • Damage keywords provide an expression or power and are a little more mechanical and specific in nature. There are 7 damage keywords (there may be more): Lightning, physical, shadow, water, fire, affliction, and radiance.
  • Classes aren’t the only things that will feature keywords. Items and other abilities will have origin keywords as well. Each class will generally make use of one origin keyword and 1-2 damage keywords. In the example provided below, a Cleric, for example, can make use of divine fire abilities as well as divine radiance.

eqn class live stream cleric

  • Most items will look a certain way specific to their keywords/appropriate elements. Class abilities, naturally, will also have a certain aesthetic quality based on keywords. This should give the class system a lot of individual flavor.
  • This will also make items extremely valuable to certain classes/multiclass setups. Some items will have special bonuses for players using specific keywords. These bonuses can stack with class bonuses and other passive abilities that can be obtained out in the world through achievements. Lot of room for customization.
  • The game will launch with 40+ classes total. This is aside from the multiclass system. Not all classes will be available from character creation. Most will be unlocked doing certain quests or require faction reputation, etc. At character creation, around 8 will be available.
  • Any racial class restrictions will only be during character creation. Those races can still unlock that particular class questing/reputation grinding.
  • Players will be able to multiclass and choose abilities from secondary classes to mix with their primary class. Abilities will be separated into two categories– primary and secondary– to make this easier. Secondary abilities can be used on a multiclassed character while primary abilities cannot (and therefore will be unique).
  • Some abilities will have a natural affinity (i.e. fire will do more damage to ice creatures), but will not have a drawback (fire will do normal damage against fire creatures).
  • Using the multiclass system, players will be able to make unique combinations like supportive rogues, tanking sorcerers, etc. Support seems to be a completely viable part of the game.
  • You can own all of the classes on one character. You can’t play them all at the same time, of course, and will have to choose. As you gain class points you’ll be able to choose what class to place your points in (even if you aren’t playing that class at the given moment).
  • Enemy NPCs will also use the same keyword/damage/origin ability setup that will easily allow players to help design content. “Easy to learn, difficult to master” is the goal.
  • Each class will have around 12 abilities. This slight limitation in abilities will allow for a greater focus for each of the classes and encourage each class to be unique.

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Wow! What a week trying to catch up on this not-so-little pack of voxel fun. It is easy to underestimate what seems like a really simple game, but Trove has depths and layers to its crafting, building, and combat that keep you running around blissfully losing track of time.

What is most enjoyable about Trove is that there is this old school understanding overlooked in many games today striving to be leading edge. Trove keeps what’s meant to be simple, simple. Take for instance mining ore– it’s out in the world, you use a laser to gather it, and everyone around you also gets the same ore which makes it more enjoyable knowing you can group up to concentrate on certain materials to spend more time building or leveling your chosen class to 20 when you can. Speaking of class…


The Dracolyte Class

The first community-created and chosen class has arrived following the previous patch which introduced the first community-chosen biome. Dragonfire Peaks was developed after reaching the top-tiered goal forTrove supporters. Welcome the Dracolyte.


  • Flamethrower: The name says it all. Face your enemy and BURN!
  • Spit Fire: You have a pet Dragon. When your energy is full you can use this ability for it to also spit fire.
  • Burnt Offering: Placing dragon idols (like eggs) on the ground that you or your ally can hit to cause damage on the enemy.
  • Avatar of Flame: YES! So cute. Transform into a Dragon increasing strength, armor, and the damage of your flame thrower!

             Passive: Increased movement speed in Lava.


Anyone who loves fire will enjoy this class straight from Level 1 equipped with a staff as your weapon that activates your primary skill– the flame thrower– unlocking all your skills as you level before Level 7.


Dragonfire Peaks Biome

When you zone into Dragonfire Peaks, you slink a little in your chair to match the heavier, hazier atmosphere where you can almost smell the smoke and feel the heat on your face as you ride across rock land riddled with lava leading you to Dragon-themed lairs and dungeons. The artwork especially in the sky cycles is perfect for a Dragon.


Building Blocks Include Lava, Water, and Music!

Yes, yes you can carry on with the theme of things in your Homeworld and Clubhouse, building to your voxel heart’s content and applying sponges to also direct the flow of lava and water. Music making is becoming extremely popular to compose. When you run across the blocks, music plays. There are also glass, glow, and metal blocks along with standard colors.


Not Enough? Change Your World to Volcanic!

This is what I mean about Trove having depths and layers setting it apart from other voxel games with its Community Creations. Players get to add their own content during alpha, causing the world of every person who sees their idea to come to pixel life in-game and out. Terraforming is available via the World Spring allowing you to change your homeworld to suit the biome theme you desire. Dragonfire Peaks even brought volcanic terraforming.

There is just so much to do and we have not even touched on the shadow arenas, football tournaments, or mech mounts! The list keeps going, but for now, soak in the fire!


Have any questions about Trove?

Please feel welcome to ask below in the comments section or jump on Trove’s Subreddit where all Trove inquiries are currently made as Trion prepares to provide Trove static forums in the near future.

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Hey, Junkies! In a few days– on August 20th– Grinding Gear Games (GGG) releases their very anticipated expansion to the Path of Exile series. Forsaken Masters, coming to you as a horizontal follow-up to the vertical “Sacrifice of the Vaal” free content pack, this time GGG sets their sights on giving the player more goals to grind towards on their journey through Wraeclast.

Check out some of the features of the upcoming release:



The Masters act as additional side and daily quests in your already content-packed journey. They offer distinct rewards for obtaining levels of reputation with them.


New missions will be able to occur anywhere in the game, even randomly generated end-game maps. This serves as a “freshener” to what some people might consider rudimentary content areas. With random monster modifiers and unique bosses known as Rogue Exiles, this content boasts a certain level of difficulty Hardcore players won’t take without a heavy dose of caution. The thrill of difficulty has always been a strong point for GGG and these missions are sure to hold true to it.


Ahh… The Hideout– a staple in many games that wish to add an element of player impact on the game world. Most end up not being worth a whole lot. Show ponies at best. Path of Exile adopts a bit of the flair but injects a healthy dose of power into these player-customized side areas. With crafting stations and master NPC locations, you’ll spend a pretty decent amount of time here.


Previously in Path of Exile, crafting consisted of finding high item level base gear and rolling stats on them at random with various currency items found or traded for in-game. Now, in Forsaken Masters, you’re able to take said currency items and choose from a specified list of item modifications to craft them onto a piece of gear.

The type of Crafting options range from adding mods to manipulating skill sockets– all determined by which Masters you’ve gained favor with. Gone are the days of blasting 2000 fusing orbs to try and six link your Shavronnes. Spend 1500 for the guaranteed thing! A very rejoiced addition among the community.


Path of Exile‘s item pool is already bursting at the seams. With the addition of 16 new unique items, build-defining mods on vendor and crafted items, and purchasable Skill Gems, PoE pushes its item catalog into a realm other ARPGs have yet to traverse in.


Skills in Path of Exile are the bread and butter of the character customization and advancement sandwich. A new bow attack, self buffs, and aura support gem will be added in, rounding out a few areas of the Bow, Elemental, and Aura Support character builds that have become popular recently.


Leagues are what previous ARPG players would call a Ladder or Leader Board. The largest amount of competition will be found in these two upcoming leagues. Rampage League is where you gain increasingly awesome buffs and effects as you slay your way through as many monsters as you can chain together.
Beyond League, the team’s offering up additional challenges to the already-challenging Hardcore ruleset with the addition of demon portals– a somewhat more player-controlled version of its previous Invasion League. Killing a large enough pack of monsters spawns small portals which produce minor demons. If enough small portals were summoned near each other, a larger set will appear producing more difficult demons. If enough large portals spawn near each other, a much larger portal opens up and releases a unique boss.
People are going to RIP (die) to these bosses and it will be a glorious river of tears.


Brutus with spikes and skeletons!? Merveil with channeled ice spears? As if these bosses weren’t hard enough, this revamp freshens up already gnarly content. The community is definitely looking forward to seeing these up-scaled murder machines in action.
See you on August 20th!

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In a live stream event today, Blizzard revealed the release date for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. The long-awaited expansion will launch on November 13, 2014, shortly after BlizzCon 2014.

Warlords of Draenor Cinematic
The event featured the premiere of the Warlords of Draenor cinematic, a beautifully-rendered look back at the savage events of 35 years ago, starring Garrosh, Guldan, and Grom, plus a scene-stealing Iron Star.

Warlords of Draenor in Action
Additionally, Blizzard presented Warlords of Draenor in Action. This video gives a tantalizing whirlwind tour of each of the new zones, dungeons, and raids, with a quick look at garrisons, the new PvP playground called Ashran, and some of the new character models.

Lords of War
Also shown was the first episode of Lords of War, a new animated miniseries by Blizzard that delves into the lore of some of Draenor’s Warlords. Part One follows Kargath Bladefist’s life from slave to gladiator to Warlord of the Shattered Hand.

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The results are in, folks! We’ve chosen 5 winners at random from the 281 total entries we received. The winners will be receiving a Deluxe Edition Steam key for The Banner Saga, a fun, turn-based RPG set back in Viking times (with an awesome score to boot– which the DE version includes).

Here are the winners:

  • @TheBloodyJarl on Twitter
  • @alecsprodan on Twitter
  • @DanAlderley on Twitter
  • @Rohizar on Twitter
  • Shawn on Facebook

All winners have received an email with their Steam key. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you, everyone, for entering!

Oh– and one note to the winners: To access the soundtrack that’s included in the Deluxe Edition, go into your “Steam/SteamApps/common/tbs/ost” folder (for Windows users) to find it. For Mac users, it can be found in “~/Library/Application Support/Steam”.

We’ll be holding a lot more contests in the near future– for indie fans, MMORPG fans, and maybe even you MOBA fans out there. Stay tuned for more details!

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