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This is likely a small problem, but is an inconsistency that I've noticed nonetheless. It appears that there's some issue in exporting the PA point allocations shown on my profile to the PA calculator.

Start by looking at my profile: Niea
Then go to the Planar Attunement tab, select the Death plane, then select tier 2. Notice that the unfathomable brilliance hex that is 2 below the teleport to Gloamwood hex is filled 3/3. Also, the wand mastery hex that is the the right of this unfathomable brilliance hex is filled 2/4.

Now, if you hit export to planar calculator and go to the Death plane, these two hexes are unfilled. What's odd is that it looks like it is just these two hexes that aren't being translated to the PA calculator correctly.

Again, it isn't a huge issue, but it may highlight a more general problem present in exporting PA points from a profile to the calculator.

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Thanks for your report aerisod.
We recently fixed some similar issues with the PA export, but it seams we still have few problems.
We will look into this and we will keep you posted!