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okay so i noticed this the other night an i wanted to confirm this with a friend before i posted.
the first roll in the sync char pages are not updateing,
all the other rolls do tho.

i had a friend try his account to and he has the same issue as me. so i can only assume its some kind of bug or the cache needs wiped again.

it was fairly obvious though. my roll 1 says i have 35000 pa points, but my other rolls show the proper 39000.
oh and my seal is missing.

just some food for thought

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Hello fish,

Yes this was again the same cache issue we are working on since few weeks now.
Thanks for the hint about the main role. We didn't noticed the pattern, so we will approach now the issue from another angle.

We applied a quick fix to update your profiles right now. We will keep you posted!
Thanks again for your help.


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Forgot to reply on this topic few weeks ago after we definitively fix this cache issue!