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Seems like I am on these forums more and more these days. For I don't know what reason since the most recent Magelo update again my character won't update on the site after sync. It says that its sync'd up and updated my character and sure enough it hasn't.

Seriously guys this is really not good. I had this problem before (more than once) and I have no idea why I specifically seem to continuously have an issue with Magelo not updating my profile.

For example, my character is still wearing their old gloves and I now am wearing the Infernal Mitts, updated last night...and nothing now to reflect said update. Please take care of

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Hi saeleth,

I can see your new gloves synced on your "Single Target DPS'' role:

The first time you synchronize your character, we save it as your main role.
And each time someone open your profile, this is this role that will appear by default.
For your character, this is "Inquisicar'' at the moment.

You can update the role you want to show by default when the profile is opened in My characters > Edit > Identity.

So there was no bug on your last synchronization.