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The website and Magelo Sync are now up to date with Rift 1.10 Calm Before the Storm and its 3 first hotfixes!

The database has been updated with the latest discoveries from Trion and you can synchronize your characters again! Don't forget you too can contribute to the database adding screenshot and comment on any page and running Magelo Sync while you play.

Few improvements introduced with this update on Magelo:
  • The Survival and Fishing skill points are now displayed in your signature. You just need to update your signature with any setting in order to show them.
  • You can now select the guild you want to display in your guild page. If you have characters from 2 different guilds, it can be useful!
  • The Planar Attunement calculator has been updated and we fixed few issues introduced with the 1.9 patch.
  • All stat bonuses coming from Planar Attunement are correctly taken into account in your character profile now.
  • Vengeance stat is now correctly displayed in the item tooltip and you can search it in the Item search: All items with Vengeance.

As always, your comments are welcome in the Forums. Thank you