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Hi everyone,

A quick recap of the recent improvements added on the website:

  • You can now add up to 32 stat weights in the Item Search
  • We now display 2 mini-maps in NPC and Ground object tooltips to show where they have been spotted the most. Ex: Trauerblüte and Verkohlte Nahrung
  • We fixed an issue on our geo loc system for Storm Legion. You can now find most location for NPCs and Ground objects. Ex: Äbtissin Katia, Kain der Schnitter, Ulmenholz
  • Storm Legion dungeons and raids 20 are now pinpointed in the Atlas

Item sets
  • When you look at an item from a set, you will see in a tab the list of all items in this set. Ex: Der Seelenfluch
  • Also if the Item set bonuses require the use of a synergy crystal, you will find a list of all the synergy crystals that activate those bonuses in a new tab name "Bonus activated by". Ex: Machtvolle Azur-Schnürung des Gedankens

As always your feedback are most welcome so please don't hesitate! Have a good week-end everyone.