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Today we are glad to announce a huge database update and the comeback of the PTS Soul tree calculator!

Database update

Here is a quick recap of all the new features and content introduced with this website update to improve the Magelo database!
  • We now display the required profession and levels for gathering ground objects and skinnable creatures. We also added a new Skinned related tab to list all items skinned from creatures. Ex: Gantimit-Ader and Mephitis-Zecke
  • At the same time we improved the way we handle chest. The loot table of the chest is now visible directly in a new Chest related tab of the boss(es). Chests are also displayed in the bosses list. Ex: Kolmasveli and Froststurm

  • Cleaned NPCs database to remove player instanced Npcs
  • Zone achievements are filtered now per difficulty. Ex: Empyrean Core mode expert
  • Npc Health is now displayed in Npc page (summary box). Ex: Erzeuger Saetos has 9056717 Health

PTS Soul Tree Calculator

A lot of things are happening for the clerics on the PTS, so we have reopened our PTS Soul tree calculator which should come handy to preview what's coming!

We are looking to hear from you in the Forums! Any comment or feedback will be really appreciated.

By the way, you can now get a notification by email on topics you watch and topics where you participated. Will be handy to follow up on a post you created or simply on a topic you are interested in! Those settings are turned ON by default and you can update them in your account page.

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There is only one thing I can say about this all. Wowww, wowww, wooowww.
Okay it wasn't 1 thing, but 3, and should even be much more


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Thank you Yelina