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How do I get to view all the ground objects from the Database list?
To view Karthite I had to go to Weaponsmith, find a recipe with karthite bar, then click on more links to get a map to where Karthite Ore nodes are.

I use Resource Tracker mod that denotes the location of resources, any way I can upload that to you or do you have all nodes?

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Hi Jetah,

We dont have top section for ground objects in the database (entry in our database on the left) so the best way is to leverage the quick search. For your example, type 'Vein' and all the veins including the Tuthony-Ader one will pop up.

As for tracking nodes, as with everthing that is contributed to the database, it is done with Magelo Sync, our desktop client. So to help us and contributing stuff, you just need to run Magelo Sync as you play and that's it !