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Gesendet: 26.03.17, 18:31

I'm trying to gear up an alt with my main's crafting skills and it sure is hard to do without an updated Sync. It's Sunday now and still no update for Hotfix #21.

If you guys just don't have time to keep it updated, please let us know and we will look elsewhere for solutions.

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This is one of the reasons I am seriously wondering about renewing my sub once it expires. They have been good with discounting days back for the missed time, but usually that happens when I have stopped checking the site.

I get really frustrated when something isn't working that after a week of checking I usually take a break from it. Its nice to get the time back, but continued issues we should get something more as an incentive to remain subscribing and which will cause them to update us at least when something is up.

I understand about life happening, but at least it shouldn't be after the fact that we keep finding out. It would only take a few seconds to post to the forums so at least we knew someone was alive.


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I'm not looking for any refunds or other incentives. I just want a tool that works on a regular basis. It's Tuesday now and a new patch will probably come out tomorrow. I understand that RL has complications, but we really need a tool that works when we need it. This has been going on for months, so it's not a temporary complication. If the Magelo staff have lost interest in their product, fine. Just please let us know so we can quit wasting time trying to get it to work. I'll quit paying for it and look for help elsewhere.

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Sorry for the lack of communication lately. Everything has been updated and Magelo Sync has been patched for the latest hotfix as well. We have granted 10 days to compensate for the extra donwtime to al our premium users.