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Evening folks,

Im trying to find out what the state of Rift is right now, I really love this game and I use to bide my time between it and WoW and then left MMOs all together for a while. Now im back and I would really like to get back into Rift, but I've seen so many different things all over the internet Im concerned. Ive been playing again now for about 5 days and truly do enjoy this game (PVE). Am I wasting my time on something thats going to be shut down soon or is the game in good standing?

I would appreciate any insight, thank you.

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I have not read anything about it being shut down. I mean it is not what it was in 2011 when it opened up. I am always able to find people to help me do things I need. I am not even in a guild. Also you are right, it is a VERY FUN game, I love it. The graphics are great, it runs smooth. It is an all-round fun. I just hate that went to Free To Play. now if you have money you can buy up to Tier 4 Raid Armor. I do not like that at all. They went to a PAY To WIN. Well I Play to Win. So anyway, it is going strong enough they are fixing to open a new Server/Shard. It is be call


So click it to read the PRODUCERS LETTER about the STATE of the GAME. This new server will be like it was in 2011 when they first launched Rift. It will not have all the armor and crap in the Rift Store. People will have to Play the Game instead of buying their way through it. For them to open a new Server/Shard people will have to pay 15$ a month to play on it, but enough people wanted it that they are opening it up. So that means there is enough people to sustain a server being opened.

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