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Dear riftlovers, our brand new database is waiting for you to be explored!

Abilities | Achievements | Artifacts | Items | Factions | Npcs | Quests | Recipes and Zones.

So what do you think about the database? What's missing? What do you dream to see in a near future? Feel free to open a topic in the suggestion forum and we will do our best to make it happen

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

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I used Magelo a lot in my EQ1 days. What I miss on the Rift side regarding the Soul Tree Calculator is an ability so save my builds to my account. Also, as you build more and more points into the soul tree you get more and more abilities. However, their ranks don't level up as the character level does. They do on the calculator on Zam and should here too.

That's all for now

Great job though.

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Thank you Frej for your feedback and suggestion
I will move your message in a new suggestion topic if you don't mind. I should have lock the topic initially. See you there!