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Hello Guardians Guilds!

T A S C is a crew of friendly players and high quality people. To introduce ourselves, we decided to post our guild charter. We hope to bump into you in game soon!

T A S C - Guild Charter
Exemplify the "T A S C Spirit"

Telara Adventure and Supply Company (T A S C) is a strong community oriented and active guild playing RIFT on the Keenblade Server.

T A S C is a guild of adults that have made a conscious choice to play together and enjoy each others company while in the online-world of Rift. By making this conscious choice, we acknowledge that each member of the guild is a 'real' person and these people warrant our respect. The time we play together is by choice, and should be treated with respect and fun. We work in-game to the benefit of our guild-mates, as well as other players in rift whenever we can. Playing with established game etiquette and integrity is paramount to the "T A S C Spirit". it is not just words, but the actions, and taking responsibility for those actions that separate the T A S C guild from others.

We recognize that not everyone has the same play-time availability, and that rift is just that - a game. We will work together to honor the time we have online together and not allow drama or personal issues interfere with others game-enjoyment.

We are a zero drama guild. We will not tolerate gossip nor will we talk ABOUT each other, but rather talk TO each other to resolve any issues, and bring any unresolved issue quickly to the assist-GL or the GL for resolution. We follow the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Any player unable to do so will be asked to disband. Our goal is to maintain a comfortable and reasonably trusting guild community.

T A S C and its members will gladly help and support individuals to overcome certain obstacles or goals that cannot be achieve alone, but first and foremost every guild member is responsible for their own fun and activities while in Rift. Your expected to set up your own groups, find and complete your own quests. The adventuring team and officers are here to help guide, not lead you on your own path to success while in RIFT. Treat others as you would like to be treated or better. You want your guild friends to know their class, pay attention to their stats and what they are wearing and keep current by staying int the loop guild and game wise. Be ready to do the same.

While not a "hard-core" raiding guild, seeing and playing end-game content is a very real goal for T A S C, again keeping in mind not everyone can contribute as much as others. Some members chose to be part of our "Core Raiding" program, while others may opt to raid casually, or not at all - for all raiders, raiding discipline is require to allow T A S C to compete, and complete in the end-game.

No matter your guild or level, we are always interested in helping new friends!
We are just beginning in earnest our journey into the raiding content. We will host 20 man raids three times a week and a 10 man usually once a week or more. So be assured, we are not Hyper-drive to Hammerknell, burn out and disappear on each other.
If you are looking for loyalty, stability and a bit of friendship - stop by and say "Hello".

T A S C'S Guild FAQ:]


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Come hang out with T A S C for lots of fun and excitement. All levels and play experience welcome!!!

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Hello,we enjoy meeting new people from all around the world.Come TASC website to see if we are the people you would like to hang out with.


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Come check us out at the link provided above, check out the site have a look around and if you like what you see give us a try by filling out the questionnaire.

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Enjoy it