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This is probably redundant but since the Magelo Sync program suggested it, I'm reporting in the forums:

Just registered and downloaded Sync. Then I started up Rift but Sync doesn't seem to be able to detect my character. Since there was a hotfix today, it may be related to that, but still here is the report.
It certainly is frustrating to want to try a new service and find it to not work.

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Hi Doctorfun and welcome!

The issue was in fact linked to the last hotfix applied by Rift on October 6. Actually there was 2 hotfixs on the same day this time! They patch the game really often and we do our best to cope with the changes as soon as we can.

I saw you synchronized your characters on the 8, so I guess everything is ok now
I hope you will have a good time on Magelo. Let us know what do you think!