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All US and EU servers will be going offline at 8am PST (US) and 2am GMT (EU) to implement patch 1.6, hotfix #7. Servers will be down for approximately 30 minutes.

Magelo Sync has been patched!

Patch notes were already released for this hotfix:

  • Now that the Fae Yule event has officially ended, Fae Yule goods can be found on the World Event Merchants in Sanctum and Meridian!
  • Any lingering Fae Yule quests should be removed from your quest journal.
  • Players can now re-spec their Planar Attunements! Visit your calling trainer in Sanctum or Meridian to initiate a re-spec. The first one is free, but you'll have to pay 100 Platinum for additional later re-specs.
  • Champion: Haltung des Zerstörers, Haltung des Schlächters, and Haltung des Soldaten are no longer purgeable.
  • City drink merchants now sell Insel-Götterspeise.
  • Moonshade Highlands: Der Schlüssel zu allem: A portal out is now available after killing Ursa.
  • Sanctum: Hanging out in Thedeor's Circle now gives you the Rested buff.
  • Added some missing areas to the Shimmersand achievement, Wüstennomade.


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Magelo Sync has been patched to cope with the latest Rift patch. To compensate for the somewhat long downtime we had, we have granted all our Rift premium users 2 extra days. Have a good WE everyone !