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Posted: 1/25/12, 12:07 PM

App previously released for iOS now open to AndroidOS version 2.2 or higher.

Today, Trion announced the release of its Rift Mobile Beta for the Android phone. Released for iOS platforms at the beginning of the year, this application allows users to use guild chat, check on zone events and play a game which rewards Rift loot.

Compatible phone models include all Android phones with OS version 2.2 or higher (except for Android tablets). Trion said that there are no immediate plans to make the app available to the Android Tablet, given a small team supporting the app. Though they did say that decision would be re-evaluated if the app proved a success and there are, "a large portion of users using the Android Tablet."

While the features for the Android and iOS applications are the same, Trion states that there are visual changes. These changes were described as being designed to make the app feel more native to the OS. Users of the two different versions will be able to communicate with each other using the chat features.

This app is free of charge but requires a Trion account, although it was announced that even those with expired subscriptions would be able to use the chat features. Trion said there is a known bug with crashing which is already in the pipeline for a fix.

For more information, or to download the app, the Rift Mobile App for Android may be found on the Android Market.