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Attempt to be made for most in-game weddings in a 24-hour period

Wedding bells are ringing! That's right, in-game weddings are about to be a part of Rift.

Coming with patch 1.7, players will be able to obtain a Marriage Contract from a Marriage Coordinator in Meridian or Sanctum. Players can then submit a petition for a Game Master to appear in-game to tie the knot. Players will be prompted to confirm their vows and will participate in a ceremony atop Hammerknell for Guardians or Orphiel's Spire for Defiants.

Players also receive an achievement for witnessing a wedding, so don't feel left out for this event!

How to Participate

To be counted toward the World Record, players must seal their vows between 9am PST on Feb. 14 and 9am PST on Feb. 15. If you have already tied the knot, no worries. Players may simply visit a Marriage Coordinator to purchase Divorce Papers and may still participate in the World Record attempt.

Contest for Couples

Trion also announced a contest for couples who have married in-game. Quoting from the Official Press Release:
Do you and your significant other play RIFT together or even trying to find a reason to get them to try? We’ve got a contest to make your big-day even bigger! MMO’s have played a role in thousands, maybe even millions of relationships – we want to know how online games benefit you and your loved one or the favorite memories you’ve made playing together!
  • In 300 words or less (we’re not sticklers, but keep it to the point!) tell us how online games play a role in your relationship in the thread linked below no later than Monday, February 6th @ 10AM PDT
  • While we’re looking for the best stories it’s important to be a good story teller! Bonus points for writing style and legibility.
  • Obviously – only one entry per couple please!
  • Your partner doesn’t need to be an active RIFT player – but they’ll need to be able to show up for the wedding if you want to enjoy the prize!
* Winners will be contacted during the week of February 6th and announced on February 10th – we’ll coordinate a date and time on Valentines Day, February 14th, or set a rain date if needed.

We will continue to cover this story as it unfolds and bring you further announcements and updates!