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Posted: 2/9/12, 4:51 PM

Rift news and commentary show suspended indefinately

Those who have watched the GameBreakerTV show "The Sanctum" found rather disappointing news this afternoon. Show Host and GameBreakerTV Owner Gary Gannon announced today that the series, which has run since Rift: The Planes of Telara was in alpha (trivia minds may note the game was then called Rift:The Heroes of Telara) has been suspended indefinately.

Quoting the official announcement:
Hello Sanctum Fans,

I am sure most of you are aware that the past few months of the show have been turbulent: changing hosts, moving dates, and sometimes cancelling shows altogether. Since December of last year we have had an increasingly difficult time producing The Sanctum with a level of quality that lives up to GAMEBREAKER standards. The lack of related news on a given week is a very large factor in this as well.

For the viewer, the end result of an episode can look quite easy, but I assure you a lot of effort is put in behind-the-scenes to make every episode happen. At this time, I do not feel we are producing a quality RIFT show that deserves your viewership.

Until we can re-evaluate the show, make necessary changes, and get on track, I am moving any RIFT related news into our show This Week In MMO.

I know a lot of you will be disappointed, but think of this hiatus like the time between seasons of your favorite TV show. Television shows need seasons and breaks to evaluate, re cast, write, and hire new directors or producers, etc, etc.

We have had our heads down the past few months working on an amazing new website for you all, and I can assure you RIFT coverage is a big part of that. I hope you all stick with us and stay a part of the GAMEBREAKER family smile

We will be back ...


The show previously provided news and commentary about Rift, and content from the show was included in Magelo's Q&A with the Trion Devs.

There has been no comment as to when or under what conditions the show would return, if any. We will continue to keep you posted as details emerge.