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Posted: 9/22/13 11:54 AM

As of 2.4, Warrior abilities Amped, Weapon Familiarity, and Strength of Arms became 100% uptime, provided you have appropriate soul points spent in them. I do not yet see the AP values reflected in character profiles' associated AP numbers. May be a known issue, I just wanted to mention it, just in case. For examples, see my RB profiles which utilize both Amped and Weapon Familiarity in the sub-souls. Resulting in-game AP values would be (10% of base) plus (10% of base) higher, 100% effective uptime.

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Posted: 9/22/13 12:03 PM

HI eelblack7,

Thanks for the report on this. I am planning to review all classes regarding stats starting tomorrow. I will open a new topic so we can get feedbacks on 2.4 stat wise. Will now lock this old topic.