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> > > Stats Hunter's Prime Cloak are missing (graph displays "?")

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Posted: 3/16/13 8:43 PM


I just got my Hunter's Prime Cloak (hard to get) and after syncing, I noticed that the slot displayed a question mark and showed no stats. Can you please add this item to your database or otherwise fix this issue?

The stats are:
Intelligence +95
Wisdom +53
Endurance +69
Spell Power +39
Resist All +177
Requires Level 60


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Posted: 3/17/13 12:10 AM

Hi Ponunihep,

This is an outstanding issue we have since quite some times now and it is in Trion hands unfortunately since we use their discovery file for item stats (which are missing for cape such as yours....)

We have reported them this many times and they still have yet to fix the issue...