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Posted: 5/8/13 11:29 PM

Rift 2.2 Hotfix#12 has been applied (8:00am PDT 5/8/13 [NA] - 1:00AM GMT 9/5/13 [EU] ).

Magelo Sync has been patched, you can sync your characters again!

  • The Hellbug companion items Phero, Blurple, and Skitt are now Bind on Account.
  • Fixed an issue causing some players to be unable to see Sliver entrances or Twisted Artifacts when using Quantum/Omen Sight after joining an instance on another shard.

Get the full Patch Notes in the official Rift forum.

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Posted: 5/10/13 6:16 AM

Magelo Sync has just been patched !