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Posted: 6/20/13, 10:13 PM

Rift 2.3 Hotfix#6 has been applied (6/20 NA @ 10.00AM PT || 6/21 EU @ 1AM GMT).

Magelo Sync is up to date!

  • Purposes with Storm Legion souls can now be properly selected by players who own them! You may need to create a new character to see them.
  • During character select, those that own Storm Legion souls can now select Purposes with those souls.
  • The faction requirement on applying runes has been removed! In its place is a new system: runes that are Bound to Account can now only be applied to items that are Soulbound or Bound to Account.

Get the full Patch Notes in the official Rift forum.

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Posted: 6/21/13, 11:50 AM

Magelo Sync is up to date!