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Register: 10/6/03
Posted: 7/21/13 6:02 PM

When is the update due as it has been almost a week now that I recall?

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Register: 2/8/06
Posted: 7/21/13 10:27 PM

Sorry, this update take us a little more time than usually. We made some changes in Magelo Sync regarding new database features we plan to launch today, so we need to finalize that before patching.

Please keep an eye on the homepage news, where we will keep you posted.

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Posted: 7/22/13 12:10 PM

Hi alanray,

Magelo Sync has been patched ! By the way, Rift patched on Thursday which leads to Friday at the earliest to patch. So in the end, we are 2 days behind schedule, not a whole week

And as always, whenever we are late to patch, we always compensate our premium users for the time lost and so we have granted 2 extra days already.