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This may be a bit long; thank you to anyone who takes the time to go through this!

I have for quite time been considering Rift and have spent time searching the web for info. Still, I have questions. I like to have 2 games, and alternate between them. One of the games I play is going in a direction I do not like, and I am looking for a replacement. Maybe it is Rift.

The build possibilities really interest me in Rift. This is some thing that I find the heart or core of a game, making your character and finding builds that seem to have synergies within them. So, looking at Rift, I am very interested.

I should point out I am not looking for hardcore gaming. Long ago, yes, I was hardcore. Everyhting had to be a challenge, etc. But I moved away from that, burned out on that style of gaming a few years ago. For me, I am no longer interested in pvp or dungeons/raids.

It seems there are open world pve events of sorts, that repeat. Is this so? This is something I have come to enjoy in another game.

Also it seems one can return to lower level areas and sort of be scaled down in Rift so older areas are still relevant for your character. Is this simple to do?

If true, what penalties are placed upon your character? I expect of course that you will have lower HP etc, but do you loose your build? Does one loose points from the skill trees/souls, or maybe even loose souls? If one does this while leveling, does the player stop gaining exp?

These things feel important to me, as I really do not care for the dungeon/raid scene anymore. I am hoping to find a game that has other things to do in pve.

From what I gather, macros are big part of the game. Personally I have never truly liked macros, just a matter of taste. Are macros needed or simply an option? Have classes (callings) and content been designed to need macros, or can one play without them?

I have found no useful info on stats for the callings.

I have found no really useful explanation of the gear system (things like a planar focus; what is it and when do you begin to use it,the litle I gather about makes it seems very hard to get items for those slots...what weapons can each calling use...etc)

One type of character I came enjoy is a character that has self healing; sometimes the mechanics of such a thing I find interesting. Does such a thing exist in Rift ( I would imagine the build system would have something this)?

The build system seems to encourage hybrids; are hybrids actually viable, or are they in practice very gimped?

CC abilities: does this game feature only short duration CC or does it have also have saps, mezzes, etc? What are the typical durations?

Is balance for pvp seperate from pve, or is pve severely affected by the balance changes made for pvp?

I have probably missed a few questions I have, but already this seems punishingly long!

Thanks for for any friendly advice, I appreciate help!