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Posted: 11/13/15, 8:43 PM

It says "Whoops ! An error occurred while you were browsing this page."

When will this be fixed?

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Posted: 11/20/15, 2:00 AM

Thanks bearshark,
We are looking into it and we will keep you posted.
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Posted: 12/5/15, 7:37 AM

I get the same - for past couple of weeks. I use this feature alot

Doesn't matter which way accessed [Under tools pane on the left, or inventory bag under individual character].
I've removed all Java,fresh install - no change
deleted all characters, added just one- no change
created a new acct - wouldn't sync any characters...so i don't know re; inventory part.

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Posted: 12/19/15, 5:58 AM

Let me get to the bottom of this and update you guys.

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Posted: 4/7/16, 11:13 PM

Do you guys still have this issue. I have just checked and all seems to work now. Please keep me posted. Thanks !
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Posted: 10/5/18, 1:44 PM

Deep, deep necro, but this is happening for me as of today.