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Posted: 8/8/16 8:24 PM

Ok, magelo sync, a moron can use it... 'nuff said
Ran it, sync;'d up, all my toons, on both accounts, on 5 shards each.. no problems to date

Here is the problem:
I go into a toon, I do Edit. Then Choose Roles.
In the first field, I enter a role name, then hit the soul calc icon directly right of that.
The soul calc loads
I choose race, then select my souls, spec them, i copy the address, and then i go back to my toon and paste that address in the linked box next to the role name i specified, then click Save – ERROR

With me so far? This is the correct procedure right? This is how I did it from day without any issue
The issue comes in when I try to do another one, and then click Save. First of all, the soul calc icon seems to be bound to role 1's link/box.... so if you click on it after your first role is done, the soul calc never works..
So, next I used the account bar at the bottom of the web page, choose my toon, then use the menu button on the bar and got soul calc from there
repeated same steps as above, and – ERROR

I've also use the calc not being logged and also on other links on magelo's site where they can be found to access it.. I've used different browsers.. it happens on every toon i try.
I thought at one [pint maybe it's the role name I'm using, so I used a new one – ERROR
Then I thought well, maybe it has to match the actual role name inside Rift – ERROR

So, what gives? The only other thing I can think of, is ONLY Premium members can setup more than 1 role,, I knew syncing all data was a benefit, but not manually editing/adding to yer toon's profile

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Posted: 8/29/16 5:17 AM

Hi MuffledProphet,

Let me look into this, we are currently traveling but we will be back very soon and will have more time to investigate this. I will keep you posted.