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Register: 11/28/17
Posted: 12/4/17 4:30 PM

I was thinking about using the premium version, but the ten day trial doesn’t seem to be working. Is there anyway I could try it out?
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Posted: 1/14/18 3:53 PM

Seems like since 12/12/2017 site has been not so good for syncing your character...

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Posted: 2/26/18 10:00 AM

That's true but I m planning to improve the situation and please do note that we are always compensating our premium users for the downtime with some extra days toward their premium memberships.
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Posted: 3/4/18 9:03 AM

Pfft, as one who registered and used for years I never got any compensation for the months of magelo not working.

How about making a sign-up list to notify when x64 becomes available.

And I echo the comments about support, lackluster at best as I've never received a response to any of my support questions. I've wasted much time thinking Magelo not working could be me, but no - it's you.

I know you are busy but then be transparent about the product receiving less than timely updates and the future expectations for support (again, x64).

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Posted: 3/10/18 10:30 AM

Pfft, as one who registered and used for years I never got any compensation for the months of magelo not working.

What exactly do you mean by that ? We have compensated our premium users at all times. I dont really understand why you are under the impression that somehow your account was not granted any extra days during those years.

As for supporting 64bit, I think I have been transparent about the situation. My inner self would love to do it but realistically, this is a huge effort and i dont have much time at the moment.
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Posted: 3/10/18 12:28 PM

I have not been a member for long and their response is almost 0 but at least I have received the extra time when they say they will do it, I get it.

If you have not gotten it, do a ticket, I know it will take forever but at least place a ticket.

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