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Posted: 7/3/18, 11:30 AM

Hello. I have been trying to sync my character but sync is not working. Any help?
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Posted: 7/3/18, 4:07 PM

It is working as of 7.3.2018 at 4:12PM
You can check the status of sync here: http://syncstatus.magelo.com/ and if it is down, it will say it is down.

I know Glyph launcher had an update today as well. Close out Glyph and reopen it. Make sure you have version: STABLE-103-1274-A-250077

Make sure you have Java 32/64 bit installed. Both needs to be installed. Make sure when you open Glyph to go into the Settings and change it to 32bit. Once you change it to 32 bit Right Click on Rift and click Update. Make sure it updates itself to 32bit.

A side note, once Java(both 32/64) is installed, open Configure Java, click the Update tab, change Notify Me: to Before Installing, make sure Check for Updates Automatically has a check mark in the box, click the Advanced button. Change the Frequency to Daily and When to something like 4 am (if you are like me and leave the machine on 24/7...) This way Java will always check for updates since there are a lot of exploits with Java.

Another thing is your antivirus. Myself I just use Windows Defender as it is just as good as anything else out there. But open it(if you use it) or the program you use and make sure Magelo Sync is in the Exclusions/Exceptions lists, this way your antivirus program will ignore Magelo. Also, make sure it is listed in Windows Firewall to allow it through as well.

If you need any more help let us know.

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