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Posted: 1/20/20 3:13 PM

After several nice weeks of having Magelo work for Rift, it is now back to not working. Are you folks working on an update to return it to functionality?
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Posted: 1/27/20 10:02 AM

Jelan is trying to decide whether to keep Rift patched so that the Sync will work. He said that Rift is not patching their data base for items/item discovery/etc. He said it has been down for several months with no hopes of them patching/updating it in the future. Since Rift was bought player base has dropped a ton. So he is trying to decide whether to keep it going or not. If he does not keep it going, he will at least keep the site up for people so that they can still use it as is now. Check the link below as this is what Jelan said a week or two ago. Also the second link is so you can check to see if Magelo Sync is working.

Magelo Updates

Magelo Sync Status

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