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Posted: 6/18/08, 8:07 AM

Hello everyone!!
I have a little question for you...
Me and my friends are going to see movie called Superhero.
And I've heard it's made by creators of Scary Movie and something else.
But also my friend told me to do not go see this movie ' cause it simply sucks...
So I'm little confused...
Is it worth spending money for film that is only known as "movie made by creators of Scary Movie and blah blah" ??
I read some revievs of Superhero , and some of them shows this movie as "good and funny" and some of them ... not...
So I'm asking for your opinion

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Posted: 9/13/08, 10:32 PM

this was an okay movie, had some really funny parts to it but the rest was middle of the road at best