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Register: 7/19/08
Posted: 7/19/08 4:48 PM

All I can say is WOW!

This movie was all around excellent. Excellent cinematography, script, acting. It had it all. They really outdid themselves with this one.
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Register: 7/31/08
Posted: 8/4/08 5:56 PM

Yes it had flair, acting, and all that.
But it was completely illogical.
The idea that a lie will fix everything.

The Joker did kick some serious ass.

RIP Heath.
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Register: 8/13/08
Posted: 8/14/08 11:43 PM

The idea that a lie will fix everything...

Wait, you're saying the movie actually had a plot?

This is madness!

Mayera Silverwinds
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Posted: 8/15/08 1:59 PM

The idea that a lie will fix everything may be illogical... but I must say it's quite realistic.

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Posted: 9/5/08 12:43 AM

It's set in an over exaggerated grim world. It's about humanity...who ever said the human race is logical?

For the record I loved this movie and I think Heath brought the Joker to a whole new level.

Renis Haxhia
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Posted: 9/9/08 6:31 PM

yeah the movie was one of the best i've seen so far... gz ...
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Posted: 9/10/08 8:51 PM

Jokers acting was the best part of the film personally... such a shame he died...
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Posted: 9/13/08 10:31 PM

this was an excellent flick. and i hope heath ledger at least gets nominated for an award. his version of the joker was the best i have ever seen.