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New PvP Planar Attunement to Replace PvP Souls

Today, Trion released [PTS Patch 1.7 In-Progress Set #2|http://forums.riftgame.com/public-test-shard/293451-pts-progress-set-2-1-20-12-a-4.html]. This set included many changes, the most awaited of which was the first look into the PvP Planar Attunement system. This new Planar Attunement is designed to replace the previous PvP soul for each class.

This new attunement, called "Attunement of War" included various new bonuses for use in warfronts. In the mage tree these talents ranged from Phase Shift (removes all curable debuffs) to Hastened Withdrawl (5% chance while taking physical damage to remove all movement impairing effects). In addition to the change, a sixth role was also available for purchase.

PvP Mercenaries

However, this significant change to PvP was rather shadowed by the introduction of "Mercenary" PvP queues. This mode would allow a player to queue as if a member of the opposing faction.

At this point, players receive a Mercenary buff and the opposing team receives notification of Mercenaries. Trion states the goal is to bring warfront queues as close to zero as possible.

UI Changes

Also included in the current PTS build was a new Soul Tree UI. This new UI offered several options, including a button to spend all 51 points in a given tree and a new summary display.

The new summary display gave formal names to Soul Tree spec combinations. For example, the spec known by players as "Necrolock" was described as Gravelord on this new UI. Advice for how to play each were also available in a more detailed description of the spec.

Below we have included a screenshot of the new Soul Tree UI:

In additional UI changes, the character selection screen was ordered by faction and character level. Mousing over a character's nameplate also caused the nameplate to highlight blue for Guardians and red for Defiant.

Class Changes

Additional class changes were made in this test build as well. Most of these additional changes were centered around Clerics and Rogues, although Mages also saw some minor tweaks. There are many changes that were made, but here are some of the highlights:

For Clerics, Druids can expect changes in their damage spells which may increase their overall damage in PvE. Shamans saw changes in Battle Charge and the removal of Vengeance of the Frozen Earth. Purifiers saw the removal of Divine Cascade, added abilities and gained a soul point reset.

For Rogues, new spells were added to the Beastmaster tree as well as some cosmetic tweaks; and Bladedancers saw an increase in some damaging abilities.

The full text of the in-progress notes is a very lengthy read, but may be found on the Rift Game Community Website. Please remember that all PTS builds are in testing and are subject to change at any time.