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Doctor's Orders

Level : 30

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Start : Unknown

End : Doctor Senson

Notoriety :
+300 Icewatch

Money : 12 60

XP : 3060

Doctor's Orders

Collect the Surgeon's Hammer, the Surgeon's Scalpel, and the Surgeon's Scope from Steampike Pit and return them to Doctor Senson in The Chancel of Labors.


It looks like a surgeon may have lost these implements. They could probably do a lot of good if returned to the hands of a trained professional.

Upon completion

Ah yes, these are my tools. Amazing! I feared I'd never see them again after those monsters ran me off. I barely escaped with the skin on my back. The miracles I do with these tools will be a tribute to your bravery in returning them to me.