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The Coup

Level : 20

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Cardinal Fiach

End : Cardinal Fiach
Money : 8 40

XP : 2880

The Coup

Cardinal Fiach wants you to enter the Realm of the Fae and search for the three platoons of Hylas's elite troops who disappeared into the Realm of the Fae.


As we assess the depth of Hylas's theological guilt, we must act against his worldly threats and incursions against the faithful. Our scouts cannot account for a company of his veteran troops, we have cause to worry. They were last seen in Highglades Court. We think they have marched into the Realm of the Fae, but for what purpose we don't yet know. We need you to find each of the three platoons of Aelfwar troops, and destroy them.

Upon completion

This was not a move against us was it? This was a coup against the fae court. Hylas is not a victim of their deceits, he is the perpetrator, he is their liege. [%NAME] you have done all you could in this matter. It was our hesitation - my hesitation, that gave Hylas the time he needed to seize such power. We will pronounce judgment soon.