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Lodge of Sorceresses is a casual, softcore guild, which tries to focus on every aspect of the Rift MMORPG, namely PvE/RP/PvP sides of the game. Our main goal is to create a friendly and most of all, collaborative environment for any kind of players, who would enjoy their Rift experience and explore everything Rift has to offer. Our RP is based on ''The Witcher'' RPG-game-lore, created by Andrzej Sapkowski, adapted to Rift's lore. Currently we are organizing sophisticated PvE events (dungeons, raids and other kind of instances) as well, which run in multiple phases, focusing on efficiency of our raid groups.


Lodge of Sorceresses was named after the secret society in ''The Witcher'' game series and Andrzej Sapkowski novels. In ''The Witcher'', it's a secret organization comprised entirely of female mages; however, in Rift MMO, through our guild, it was adapted as a secret society whose aim is to serve the realm and its people, by helping to shape the politics in Telara. The interests of rulers are of no consequence to the Lodge and its members.


Lodge of Sorceresses was established at late September, 2011, by female mage , at Argent/EU shard. Originally we were enlisting only female spell-casters (clerics and mages alike), however due to the nature of MMO gaming, we had to expand our recruitment policy towards other classes (warriors and rogues).

Lodge Today: Recruitment, Ranking System & Gameplay

Currently, we are recruiting female spell-casters (namely, mages) and physical-capable-units (warriors, rogues and clerics) of any gender.

Lodge's ranking system is created so that it'd suit both our RP and PvE needs; and help to administer the guild efficiently. Internally, Lodge is ruled by its Council, comprised of Generals and Elder Sorceresses, which is elected by all of its members, from its ranked members. For external affairs, Lodge is represented by its High Mistress. who is elected from within Council members, by the Council members. Our Centurions are functioning as executive officers throughout the guild, fulfilling various tasks necessary for guild's welfare.

Gameplay-wise, we are completely casual guild: no-one ever will tell you when to play, how to play and with whom to play. Its your Rift experience and you choose how to enjoy it. However, if a member takes on certain responsibilities in guild, (s)he is being expected to deliver.

PvE is quite active within the Lodge. We raid almost in a daily basis. Starting their early days of being level 50, we train and gear our members; and get them to raid-readiness state as soon as possible. To get new gear and advance as a powerful player is quite easy within Lodge. As PvP goes, we are not organized and generally go casual in this regard. But we have a plan in place, for our RP mostly, to include PvP as cross-faction RP activity within our RP project. And when it comes to RPing within Lodge: unfortunately after Skyrim and SWTOR release, Rift suffered a massive loss in its player-base and during that time our RP project suffered a bad blow. Although at this very moment RP is quite "silent" in our guild, it still is an active project, for which we are eagerly recruiting new RP enthusiasts.

Lodge has established an alliance (called Triune Alliance) with Raid Them All and Fallen guilds, with whom we raid in a regular basis.

Technical Infrastructure

Since day-1, Lodge of Sorceresses has been using professional IT-infrastructure to empower its capacity to function as an MMORPG guild. Its been powered by a dedicated private forum, a Youtube channel and GoogleApps infrastructure.
  • Lodge of Sorceresses Guild Forums - Guild forums, powered by acclaimed community software provider Invision Power Services, are located on a dedicated domain at Its a semi-public forum which brings our guild members together and creates a safe medium for our allies to interact with the guild for various purposes - be it cross-faction RP, cross-guild PvE events or alike.
  • Lodge of Sorceresses Youtube Channel - We also have professionally designed Youtube channel, where we plan to release our video guides and instance-runs.
  • Lodge of Sorceresses powered by Google - Additionally, in order to serve our members' various privacy and interactivity needs, we set up an IT infrastructure, powered by GoogleApps technology of Google. Through this, we are providing our members with '''yourname''' accounts which opens the doors to the world of Google. All Google services, including Google Mail, has become available to our members through this initiative.