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Greetings. First, been using Magelo (not this account) since it was EQ only. Thank you for the years of great service!

Now, The only ITEMs I have tried to add that are not listed is a belt I got in the new Chronicle:
Blazing Thunder Forged Belt
and the only other one I have noticed is:
Hunt Lead's Shawl - (This one shows as a grey item with no stats)

I have only done my equipment on a single character so far, so I have no idea how many items are not in your DB. It could just be those 2 for all I know. =)

To the BIG problem - Whenever I try to add a Rune to an Item in my Equipment, it only lists a few runes.. Almost all items do not list Runes from Runecrafting at all, let alone the new ones from SL.

Just one example - Trying to add a rune to my Gloves, these are the only runes listed as possibilities:
Conquest Master's Fury Rune
Conquest Master's Insight Rune
Conquest Master's Retribution Rune
Conquest Master's Vengeance Rune

That's it. No way to add the Unwavering Rune I currently have on my gloves of any type - From Dim on up.. None are listed. This is pretty much the same for every piece of equipment I attempt to add a rune to.

I only care because it lists my stats a good deal lower than they are. Is this working for anyone?

I'm only reporting this because I love the site and would like it to be accurate.

Again, I love Magelo and have for many years now. I'm not whining here, just pointing out a large problem I am having that was not listed in your Known Issues.

Thank you very much.

EDIT: To add that neither the Barnacle Encrusted Source Machine nor the Barnacle Encrusted Sigil of the Five are in the Database. From the Water World Event of course. 4 Lesser, 2 Greater, + 20 Water Resist - Bound to Account even after you fill them up.
Correction: it's in the DB, But you can't select it manually - it does not show up.

Update: Went premium, same issues.


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Hi Salubri,

Thanks for the lengthy post and dont worry we love constructive feedback so thanks again for highlighting few issues that we will make sure to fix asap !

I gonna investigate all the things you reported and will get back to you asap !

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Fixed the runes and source machine issue ! There are still a few missing items and we are waiting on Trion to resolve that.. (not in our hands unfortunately).